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Welcome to Little Angels Contact and Mediation Service

Providing a secure and safe environment for children and their families.


Little Angels Contact Venues are a safe, caring and neutral place where children of separated families can spend time together with one or both parents or other family member


We pride ourselves on offering a fully comprehensive child contact venue solution and we tailor our services to suit the needs of the family.


Little Angels Contact Venues are accredited by NACCC and we offer a full range of other family care services.


We currently have venues in Haywards Heath and Hastings; our Head Office is based in Haywards Heath. However we can also provide our services in other venues Nationwide.


Each room at the venue is provided with age appropriate toys, games and craft items for use during contact.  


It is possible to visit our venues prior to the contact to enable children and families to feel more comfortable and to give them the opportunity to meet the venue staff.


Provisions will be made for every contact to suit the needs of each family. This can include staggered arrival and departure times.


We have staff who can work with families to help them reach amicable decisions and improve relations to improve the lives of the children involved. We aim to negotiate on behalf of the children, preserve parenting relationships and give the family positive structure. We work with parents to positively improve their emotional state and assist with their ability to negotiate, encourage them to express their feelings and help to improve communication to accommodate the children’s needs. This can include extended members of family (such as grandparents or new partners/children). We focus on what is best for the children.


Referrals for contact can be accepted from Child Services, Cafcass, Solicitors, Guardians and the Courts, Self Referrals will also be accepted. Referrals for mediation can be accepted from Solicitors, the Courts and Self Referrals.